For Online Business Managers, Virtual Assistants and other online support professionals

You KNOW That You’re Very Good at What You Do …
That You Offer an Extra “Something” Business Owners Would DIE TO HAVE.

So Why Are You Still Messing Around With Your Website Copy?
Don’t You Want More People to Know How You Can Help Them?


From the desk of: Tina Forsyth, Founder of the International Association of Online Business Managers

I got an email from a colleague of mine a few months ago. She was feeling a little … underwhelmed ….

"Tina, I have to admit... I'm a bit annoyed at most of the websites I'm seeing out there for Online Business Managers.

They don't understand what busy business owners like me are looking for. They don't know how to present themselves online and they don't communicate the things I need to hear to hire them. I'm looking for them to say specific things on their websites, but it's rare that I see it."

[I won't name names but yes, this was a real email sent to me on April 4, 2010]

Now, I think you guys would all agree that this is a problem. If your websites aren't speaking to business owners in a way that makes them say "Wow! I think [Your Name] could really support me and my business the way I need it!" then WHY HAVE A WEBSITE AT ALL?

You Work Online. You Want to Attract Other People Working Online.
Yet You Don’t Have a Functioning Web Presence That Encourages Them to HIRE YOU.

Why is this so hard for us? I mean, we live, breathe and sleep Internet, right? We’re virtual!

We know what’s required to get a website up and running. Some of you probably help your own clients with their sites (blog posts, proofreading, content updates, shopping cart installation, design, etc.)

So why the excuses with our own sites?

What I hear often is that many of you are STUCK on "what to say" on your websites

You are stuck on the copy (not the design)

You don’t know where to start. You don't know what is going to make a client want to hire you (or what might push them away). You don't know what pages to include, how much to share about yourself, whether or not to share your rates, etc.

And so you do one of two things:

A) Put up some BORING "templated" information like what you've seen on other sites in the virtual support industry.


B) You don't even put up a website at all.

I don’t want to go all Dr. Phil on you, but I have to ask:

How’s that working for ya so far?

As a virtually based professional, your website—but especially the copy—is your "first impression" with prospective clients. And—to be blunt—if it sucks, you aren’t making a very good first impression. (And if you have no website, the first impression is, “I don’t care enough to bother telling you about my company.”)


And So I Decided to Grab This Bull By the Horns,
(Is There Any Other Way In This Biz?)
And Create a Program to Help You Get Your Website DONE,

For Once and For All.

"Write Your Site in a Week"

A Get-it-Done Program Exclusively for Online Business Managers,
Virtual Assistants and other Online Support Professionals

I want to be clear... this is not a training program.

We are not going to throw a bunch of information at you and leave you to sink or swim with it.

In Just 1 Week You Will FINALLY Get your Web Copy DONE,
Quickly and Without Pulling Your Hair Out.
(Let's Kick Writer’s Block in the Butt!)

Just to lay out the flow of the week for you:

Monday - Teaching you our Simple Website Formula for Virtual Support Professionals

In a one-hour session (recording) we are going to share with you our 3-page website formula that is the key to marketing success for any Virtual Assistant, Online Business Manager or other virtual support specialist. It can be applied to existing sites (just update what you have now!) or can be used as is (if you don't have a website yet).

Homework: Complete our Pre-Copy Questionnaire as a foundation for writing your website. (Hint: this piece makes the actual writing of your site sooooo much easier!)

Tuesday - Writing your first page

Wednesday - Writing your second page

Thursday - Writing your third page

Homework: On all 3 days you will be using our simple fill-in-the-blanks templates to NAIL the content for your 3 key pages.

Friday - Review & Feedback Day

On Friday we will respond ALL material that students have completed and submitted during the week.

*SPECIAL BONUS* I’ve brought in professional copywriting strategist Karri Flatla to co-lead this program. That means your copy will be reviewed by not just me (I’ve written more copy than I care to add up here!), but by an expert who writes copy for some of the top entrepreneurs working online today. (She KNOWS what to say and how to say it so people can’t wait to call you!)

Together we’ll give you constructive feedback and suggestions for tweaks and edits that will rev up your copy and help you feel super confident in finally hitting the PUBLISH BUTTON.

This alone is worth the price of admission!

The goal of this program is simple: for you to have the 3 key pages of your website completely written and ready to go live!

Just to be clear …. Remember, this program is NOT going to teach you:

  1. HTML skills to design your own website in Dreamweaver.
  2. How to configure and customize Wordpress websites.
  3. How to create graphics for your website.

We know that many of you have these skills already, but for those who don't we are going to provide the names of people who can do this for you! Or, if you want to learn how to do these things yourself, we’d be happy to point you to some great trainings that are already out there.

The 'Write Your Site in a Week' Program PROMISES to
 Help You Get CRYSTAL CLEAR on “What to Say” on Your Website!

Nothing is more important in your online marketing efforts than the written representation of who you are and how YOU serve your clients … which we know is the biggest challenge most of you face right now.

Bonus Goodie #1:

Access to our own personal referrals for website design, blog/theme setup and customization and graphic design. These are the people we know and use in our own business.

Bonus Goodie #2:

Recordings (MP3) of both the live calls so you can refer to them whenever you need to in your “copy travels.” You’ll of course also get to keep the templates to use any time you want revitalize or update your website!

Bonus Goodie #3:

A coupon for $100 off the upcoming Dare to Act Marketing Intensive or any of the programs available at the OBM Academy.


So let's get your website done shall we?

"Write Your Site in a Week"

A Get-it-Done Program Exclusively for Online Business Managers, Virtual Assistants and other Online Support Professionals

Self-Study Program

This is not a training program - this is a "get it done once and for all" program.

A reminder of what the program includes:

  • Training Recordings re: the Simple Website Formula for Virtual Support Professionals so you know exactly what to include (and not include) on your website.
  • Fill-in-the-Blank Templates for the copy required on the 3 key pages of your website.
  • Writing Support via our online forum throughout the week.
  • Written review on Friday.
You can make one payment of just $297 USD
Or pay in 2 installments of $175 USD per month

Rest easy – your order will be processed on our secure servers.


Our 'We Swear On Our Laptops' Promise to You...

As service providers who've been around the block awhile, you'll want to know that our goal is your absolute satisfaction.

If at the end of the first day of training you discover it is not for you... let us know and we'll cheerfully refund the full amount you've paid.   We swear on our laptops! (and you know we wouldn't do that lightly, hehe)

A final thought...

What it boils down to is this - when it comes to creating copy for your website you can either:

A) Pay a copywriter $1000s to do it for you. (Karri, who is the copywriter co-leading this program with me, charges $2000 and UP to write copy for a 3 page website.)


B) Write it yourself in less than 7 days :)

Choose the second option and we'll happily save you the time and headache of stumbling through the copywriting process on your own. We've created this program to take the stress out of writing your own website copy, so that you can get it done quickly (and even have some fun in the process!)

  Tina Forsyth
Founder & Trainer, OBM Academy
Karri Flatla
Marketing & Copywriting Strategist

PS - I remember my very first website that I created back in 2002. I hired a designer who did some AMAZING graphics for me. The site was beautiful! And then it sat there empty (with NO copy) for MONTHS because I didn't know “what to say” on it! Believe me, I know how it feels to get stuck here... join us won't you?

Still have questions? Give us a call - we'd love to chat. We can be reached at 1 (877) 576-2229. Or pop an email to

A few words about your trainers:

"I took Tina's Certified OBM Training course in early 2010 and was thrilled with the class! Not only is Tina the go-to expert in the virtual industry but she is knowledgeable, credible, and fun. She is one of those people who definitely over-delivers!"

- Lisa Wells,

"Tina has an extraordinary ability to organize and communicate information in a user-friendly way that's immediately actionable. Her programs are always fun, informative and right on the pulse of what online professionals need to know NOW!"

– Donna Frindt, @Donna Frindt

"I absolutely love the way that Tina teaches! She is authentic, real, and unpretentious. Her dedication and creativity is visionary. I plan to follow and listen to everything Tina offers for many years especially since she is always on the cutting edge of technology. If you want to know the latest skills and tools you need to know Tina."

- Jen Arensberg

"As an online business manager that started out as a virtual assistant, I have taken many online courses to help me deliver sensational service to my client. Tina Forsyth definitely has the information I need in order to surpass my client expectations. She is someone I can relate to: someone that wants her clients' bottom line to be directly impacted by her technological and interpersonal skills. Tina's dedicated passion for sharing cutting-edge technologies and concepts keeps me coming back for more! I recommend Tina as a lead trainer for anyone serious about taking their business, and their clients business, to the next level."

- Raven Howard,

“Karri is an absolutely fantastic web copywriter. We have used her on multiple client projects and she never fails to truly “get” what each business does and needs to convey through its web copy. Her writing is creative, search engine friendly, call-to-action oriented, and over-all very effective.”

- Jackie Baker, Project Manager Site Logic Marketing, LLC

"When you’re looking to make progress, it’s important to work with someone smart and who won’t give up when the going gets tough. Karri is both of these things AND fiercely pragmatic about getting you to take action that brings results.

I’ve personally seen Karri’s writing, coaching and consulting kick rears into gear, and that’s cool, but what’s even better is that she never takes her eye off what should be most important to biz owners like you and I: clicks, conversions and sales – all in a streamlined manner.

Definitely a brain that runs a faster CPU than the majority of the field. If you dare to work with a coach who sees ahead of you, watch and participate with Karri. She is going places and you will too!"

- Andrea J. Lee CEO, Thought Partners International
Author, Pink Spoon Marketing and Multiple Streams of Coaching Income

Tina Forsyth is a leading authority on building virtual teams to help your business thrive. As the author of Becoming an Online Business Manager and founder of the International Association of Online Business Managers she specializes in training & coaching business owners and virtual teams on revenue streams, operations management and team development to create a strong foundation for a thriving business. Since 1999 she has helped to build and manage many 6 and 7 figure businesses and knows firsthand how to implement a strong business foundation and the team to support it. Her mission is two-fold - to train the best high-level virtual support professionals out there and connect them with the business owners who desperately need their help…

Karri Flatla is a marketing consultant, coach and copywriter to entrepreneurs. Well known across the web for her take-no-prisoners style, Karri’s tips and advice have been featured at Search Engine Guide, Fuel Net, Problogger’s TwiTip, The Wealthy Freelancer, and Alberta Venture and Smart Company Magazines. You can read and subscribe to Karri’s popular web marketing blog at