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It's Time to Quit Messing Around - Wasting Precious Time, Energy and Money on Social Media Strategies that Simply Don't Work

Discover How to "Rev Up" Any Client's Business Growth Through a Proven Combination of Social Media, SEO & PR Strategies (Have Your Clients Singing Your Praises and Happily Pay You Well for *Finally* Making this Work!)

Social Media PR Strategy & Management Training
Digital Access

Created exclusively for Online Business Managers & Virtual Assistants who are tired of wasting time trying to sort through the social media "mess"


From Tina Forsyth, Founder of the International Association of Online Business Managers

Confession time guys... I've been working online since 1999 and have seen many internet marketing strategies come and go over that time. And most strategies are ones that I have used with great success over the years for both my clients and myself - ezines, articles, blogs, affiliate marketing, pay-per-click, autoresponders, squeeze pages, free offers... you name it I've done it.

Then along came social media - truly a game changer but ONLY if you can figure it out!

I remember when social media first showed up on the scene...

I was having fun, just being me and connecting with friends when suddenly this social media thing turned into a business building strategy...

Suddenly I was supposed to start using social media to build my business, to get clients, to promote my stuff. And it simply didn't make any sense to me...

Now this might seem funny to you right? Given that I've been working online for over 10 years as an Online Business Manager. I spend all my days training others to do the same and I'm supposed to know this stuff.

But I found myself stuck on questions like:

We've been chugging along now for a few years - doing a little bit here and there but never really feeling like we are getting anywhere. Yet I'm always having that niggling little feeling in the pit of my stomach that I'm missing out on the bigger picture... that opportunities are literally passing me by because my social media stuff is all over the place and not based on any real strategy.

And in talking to so many of you I know I'm not alone... social media can be CONFUSING and FRUSTRATING, not to mention a huge time-waster when we don't see results.

The thing is - as an Online Business Manager (or other high-end virtual support professional) your clients are *expecting* you to bring social media EXPERTISE that produces results.

It's no longer a "nice to have" skill - a complete understanding of social media strategies, planning and management is now ESSENTIAL as a high-end virtual support professional.

And if you aren't careful you could easily spend HOURS each day trying to sort through the constantly changing landscape to figure out what works... kinda like throwing spaghetti on the wall and hoping it sticks. (always messy, not effective and you are still hungry!)

Here's the thing - social media is most effective when you have 3 key elements in place

  1. You are working from a proven SYSTEM and not just doing stuff randomly whenever you feel like it, remember to do it, or when you see other people doing things that look good.
  2. It is combined with powerful SEO & PR strategies - this is the ULTIMATE secret sauce to really leveraging the power of social media if you aren't including these valuable elements in your social media strategy then you are missing out.)
  3. You are committed to daily activity that allows you to build momentum and truly leverage your connection to this vast online community.

The good news is that with the right strategic system all of this can be done in just 15 MINUTES per day (did I just hear a sigh of relief?)

Not only that, YOU don't have to be the one to do all the work (we can show you how to get the right support to do the little things that make a big difference.)

My friend Donna Cravotta is the quintessential leader in this area - she is the founder of the Total Social PR System™ and has been fine tuning this system now for over 5 years for her clients, here are just a few successes:

Every single person that actually does the work has incredible results whether it be increased SEO, engaged social media, unbelievable connections and media opportunities – not to mention all of their businesses grow in such unexpected ways.

Who is this Donna Cravotta you might ask? Simply put she is the real deal when it comes to social media that gets results.

Donna Cravotta is the CEO of Social Sage PR™, a boutique digital media agency, the creator of the Total Social PR System™ and Publicity Prowess™. She partners with advancing entrepreneurs, small businesses, and teams to rethink how they approach their online presence. To use social media and PR as tools to discover opportunities, ignite conversations, and foster relationships that result in unforeseen business expansion.

I've invited Donna to bring her simple and proven system to us here at the OBM Academy in this brand new training program.

Here is the Social Media PR System that you will be learning in this live training program:

Class 1 – Simple Keyword Analysis

Class 2 – Social Media Strategy

Class 3 – How to be a Publicist for You and Your Clients

Class 4 - How to Manage it All

BONUS – Advanced Tips, Trick and Tools

This is the same social media marketing system that Donna created to help her clients get 1000s of targeted followers and featured on radio shows, podcasts, blogs, HSN, print media, online media and TV such as Dr Oz, The Ellen Degeneres Show, Disney, ABC, NBC, CBS, LA Times and more

Not Sure You Need This Cutting Edge Training?
Social Media PR Strategy & Management is Definitely For You If:
  1. You are a high-end virtual support professional—Online Business Manager, Virtual Assistant or otherwise—who needs to stay on top of the latest TRENDS and TOOLS. (your clients are relying on you to do so!)
  2. You want to add a PROFITABLE new skill set to your toolbox, one that you can start using immediately and with confidence.
  3. You want to be ready, willing and able when your client asks, "Hey, Can you help me with my social media?" (and not have to say "sorry I can't") and I guarantee they will be asking you this question soon, if they haven't already
  4. You want to make a bigger impact for your clients by contributing directly to their bottom-line GROWTH.
Just to be clear - this is not a "how to use all the social media tools out there" training.

We aren't going to teach you how to do a step-by-step setup of a Facebook Page or anything like that. Most of the social media tools that you will be learning about are pretty easy to learn, or you can hire a Social Media Specialist/VA to do the work for you.

This program is all about what's really important - being able to understand how the powerhouse combination of SEO, Social Media & PR strategies can give you the skills and confidence to serve your clients (and you!) grow a business.

Social Media PR Strategy & Management

Training for Online Business Managers, Virtual Assistants and other high-end virtual support professionals

Digital Access Webinar

The program consists of FOUR 90-minute training sessions
+ a BONUS post-training advanced tips session.

OBM Academy Faculty Trainer Donna Cravotta, together with your host Tina Forsyth, will be leading all of the sessions.

 Remember, your complete training package includes:

FOUR 90-minute Video Webinar Training Sessions teaching you the complete Social PR system
Easy to follow worksheets, checklist and materials for each session, so you can quickly start to apply your new skills.
An interactive forum where you can post questions and network with your trainers and peers throughout the training
Video & Audio recordings of each session, for future reference in case you miss a session or want to review the training content. (this doesn't expire!)
You can make one payment of just $497 USD
Or pay in 3 installments of $175 USD per month

Rest easy – your order will be processed on our secure servers.


Our 'We Swear On Our Laptops' Promise to You...

As service providers who've been around the block awhile, you'll want to know that our goal is your absolute satisfaction.

If after the first class you discover it is not for you just let us know and we'll cheerfully refund the full amount you've paid. We swear on our laptops...

It's just that easy.

It’s not IF your clients are going to come ask you about social media, it’s WHEN... Are you ready to CONFIDENTLY say "yes, I can help!"

You need to be able to do it right – you need to be able to deliver success to your client's doorstep.

It’s not just setting up an account and a fan page. How do you turn that account, that page into marketing success? That is where the rubber meets the road and what your client's really want from you.

Join us.

Tina Forsyth
Founder & Trainer, OBM Academy

Donna Cravotta
Founder, Total Social PR System

PS - Still have questions? Give us a call - we can be reached at 1 (877) 576-2229. Or pop an email to

PSS - As always, this course comes with a double whammy benefit. Anything you learn here can be applied to YOUR business as well as to your clients. So you can take all these same strategies and map out your own social media plan to help build your business. How cool is that?

A few words about your trainer Donna Cravotta

“I want to improve my skills set as I break away from my traditional j o b of the past 19 years. Over the summer, then in mid-September 2014, I listened to two webinars hosted by Tina Forsyth with Donna Cravotta who spoke about The 7 biggest mistakes you are making with social media.

After listening to these two webinars I knew that I would greatly benefit from Donna Cravotta's training series about Social Media PR Strategy and Management.

With this training I gravitated toward the fun sites Donna gave us and by using keywords found logo ideas and company name for my future company.

With this I expect to be able to market myself, my business and support/VA services with just the right online look and to have a wide-reaching online presence with ease with amazing tools that Donna showed us, like Hootsuite which enables one to manage all their social media under one roof. There is much more. This training program is so comprehensive and packed, packed...packed with information. The four (plus bonus) sessions are recorded and come with supplementary material (list of tools) to give you a chance to review and grasp it all at your own pace. Immediately upon the first listening of the live sessions I knew I aced or that I could ace it all because Donna Cravotta explains everything so well and so thoroughly. Donna's voice is so calm, soothing and so cool and that is one of the great things of this training program. She is here to help us learn. My learning process continues as I revisit and listen to the sessions. Many thanks for this training program.”

Sandra Tuizer

“I can hardly put into words the impact Donna Cravotta’s wisdom, expertise and brand management has had on Polished Girlz, my 14 year old daughter’s non-profit organization. We have grown from a few girls to 30 chapters across the US and Canada with over 700 volunteers and we will polish the nails of our 10,000th client this year. We have had amazing media opportunites such as a segment on The Ellen Degeneres Show, The Disney Channel and are gearing up for a feature on Nickelodean and speaking at a Tedx event. Donna was the missing piece to our organization. Working with her is priceless.”

Valerie Ragland RN BSN, Executive Director
Polished Girlz, Inc.,

"Before working with Donna, I had no idea how to create and manage a social media presence. I was doing things with no rhyme or reason. After working with Donna, both as a member of her program and as a private client, I have been able to create a streamlined presence that works efficiently across several social media platforms.

In less than a year, I have engaged followers who are targeted to my brand and to my business. My Facebook page has gone from 300 to over 1400, my twitter following from 700 to 12,000 and my list from 200 to over 1400 subscribers.

Donna’s experience, insights and ideas have allowed me to accelerate my position in the marketplace and I am now seen as an expert in many communities. I’ve been asked to join several telesummits, participate in two book anthologies, and be a mentor in the next program offered by a high profile author. Not only has my presence exponentially grown, so has my confidence in my ability to understand and navigate the complex world of having an engaging and connected on-line presence.  I am truly indebted to Donna – her exuberance and desire in wanting my own business to grow is simply inspiring to me!"

Laura Clark, The Soul Wise Living Mentor,

"By following the strategies in The Total Social PR System™, I have met colleagues on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, resulting in a paid invite to speak in 3 different countries, an interview for a professional business podcast, and invitations to speak on two telesummits.

By networking with the media, I was included in a 6 page feature on pelvic pain for the LA Times, I landed a mention in a major woman’s magazine, and  freelance journalists now come to me for expert quotes."

Jessica Drummond, MPT, CCN, CHC -

"Donna Cravotta is a Social Media Public Relations Guru. There is nothing that this woman does NOT know. She truly offers SAGE advice on every aspect of social media and beyond. Not only is Donna a fantastic Public Relations specialist but she has something that makes her different. She has HEART and SOUL. Her intuitive powers allow her to be business savvy on behalf of her clients."

Phyllis Harbinger, ASID, CID—NCIDQ Certified Interior Designer and Feng Shui Consultant

"Our team has only implemented a few parts of the Total Social PR System™. Specifically Twitter and Hootsuite strategies.

Once I shook off my fear of the blue (Twitter) bird, I learned three key things, how to listen, how to craft my twitter profile so it made an impact, and how to specifically target and follow key influencers in my space.

By clicking follow on one person, it resulted in a follow back, then a phone call the next morning with an “I’ve been looking for you” and an opportunity to speak on a stage that I highly respected.

Donna shared a media opportunity from one of her paid resources – I followed her instructions to the letter and within a few days was featured as an expert in the Philadelphia Business Journal in the web edition and made the FRONT PAGE of the print edition on a trending topic.

Once we began to make the changes in how we show up online, positive results were seen immediately. We now book an hour or so each week to implement one or two new tactics. Use this system, integrate it with your team, and get ready for big surprises."

Kerri Konik - CEO, Brandscape Atelier
The Small Business CBO -

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